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If We Don't Get Peyton and Eli Calling Tennessee-Ole Miss This Season, We Riot

Peyton and Eli Manning's Monday Night Football broadcast was one of the best viewing experiences I've ever had watching football. It was so much fun.

You felt like you were really there in the room with them watching the game, but they also gave all sorts of awesome insight into the game that you don't get just anywhere. I am certain that after this season, Peyton could demand $25 million a year to be the main MNF analyst and ESPN would pay it in a heartbeat — though I hope he and Eli just keep doing this broadcast because it's infinitely better.

And While they're going to be great on the 10 Monday Night Football games they're contracted to do this season, I have a request: PLEASE have these two call Tennessee-Ole Miss on October 16. I've never wanted to watch a football game more than that game called by Peyton and Eli.


Obviously the stories they have about the two schools and their experiences there would be worth it alone. Then you throw in the fact that their nephew is possibly the most prized quarterback recruit ever and they'd have a perfect opportunity to talk about him. And all that is on top of the fact they've already proven they're just awesome at doing this anyway.

I'd love to know the kind of numbers that would put up. I'm fascinated to see the ratings the Mannings put up last night against the regular broadcast — I think it's entirely possible they out-rate the main broadcast by the end of the season.

Just call a quick audible, toss each of them an extra couple hundred grand and watch the ratings for this game skyrocket. The people are demanding it.