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Big E Became WWE Champion Last Night And It Was An Absolutely Phenomenal Moment

Holy shit - they actually did it. Big E is the god damn WWE Champion. 

After losing to AEW in their demo for the first time ever last week, the WWE aimed to put on an awesome/super talked about show last night - and while I truthfully spent the first 85% of RAW at an MGK concert in Central Park - I made it home in time for the ending, and it was one hell of a BIG ending!

(See what I did there?)

Big E made good on his promise to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley after the main event....

....and after some fantastic pro wrestling up-and-downs in the brief match (which included E kicking out of Lashley's finisher), the Big Ending was hit for the 1-2-3. As you could hear in the videos above, the crowd EXPLODED....and then Xavier and Kofi ran out to celebrate which was the icing on the cake.

Go on pretty much any wrestler's socials right now and you're gonna see love and praise for Big E - and not just the wrestler, the man he is outside of the ring as well....





….he is a SPECIAL talent and human who I truly think is the perfect guy to represent the company.

This is exactly what RAW needed, as I said yesterday: a sense that anything can happen on any given Monday night….UNPREDICTABILITY! Different stars at the top of the show! People the fans actually like being rewarded for it! I mean, how overdue was this?! 

Big E should have/could have been Champ 5 years ago! He does that death-defying apron spear almost every god damn night!

He deserved the strap for that alone!

Better late than never, though, so here's hoping to a real meaty title reign….

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