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The Only Reason Derek Carr Threw The Game-Winning Touchdown Was Because Nobody Could Find The Raiders Kicker To Get Him On The Field

I can't stop laughing and watching Jon Gruden in this interview. He's not happy because this is football coach life. Sure, he's happy they won, but he's not happy they won on a fluke. Nobody could find Daniel Carlson, the Raiders kicker. The man was warming up, feel like you should have looked there. I don't know, just seems like a no-brainer on where to look for a kicker. Ended up working out though. 

This is where we need Hard Knocks during the season. I'd do anything to have full cameras at the Raiders practice and film later this week to see Gruden's true reaction and Carlson's reaction. You know Gruden just has something against kickers like most diehard football guys. Probably yells at him for not being a 'real' football player. Now imagine the angst when Carlson has the audacity to be warming up and not on the field. Can't believe it worked out for the Raiders. Also can't believe Gruden wanted to kick a field goal on 2nd down. Just hand it off and get a couple more yards. 

What a beautiful week 1. We got a little bit of everything from comebacks, blowouts and shit like this. Feels good to be back talking football again.