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Urban, As A Friend, I’m Telling You To Resign From Jacksonville Immediately and Go Take The USC Job

Urban, listen to me. This is an intervention because I care about you. You've done so much for me in my life, and now I'm going to try and help you.

Resign from Jacksonville today and be the Head Coach at USC by dinner time.

I'm sure USC will pay whatever termination fee they need to that's in your contract with the Jaguars, or you can just go the traditional route and announce your health problems or that you want to spend more time with family. But the fact of the matter is that for your sanity and legacy, you need to get out of Jacksonville ASAP. 15 minutes into your NFL career, you were trailing by 2 touchdowns to the expected worst team in the league. The Jaguars absolutely stink. Vince Lombardi couldn't turn them around. And Mark Brunell is not walking through that door. I don't want to see you go 1-16 this year, 2-15 next year, and then get fired and labeled as a failed experiment. You're better than that.

Listen, I am the BIGGEST Urban Meyer fan on planet earth but I've said since Day 1 that this was a terrible idea. Urban Meyer is one of the best recruiters and motivators that this sport has ever seen, and that's why he's one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. But that's what he is. A COLLEGE football coach. If Urban Meyer (health pending) wanted to get back into coaching, he should've made two phone calls and been the head coach of any college job except 3 in the country by lunch time that day.

He'd have USC winning the Pac 12, going undefeated, and making the playoff by.....next year? But in the NFL, recruiting is not the #1 essential activity. He actually has to coach. And as much as I love the guy, that isn't neccessarily his strong suit. He doesn't have the best players at every single position in 99% of his games in the NFL. In fact, it appears he has the worst players at every single position. And he doesn't have control over EVERYTHING like he did in college. You just can't do that in the NFL. Remember when Chip Kelly went to Philadelphia and made them wear trackers? Yeah right. These are grown ass men you're dealing with here. The teenagers he worked with at Ohio State looked up to him and wanted his approval. These guys have families and kids at home. They don't give a shit if Urban Meyer is proud of them. They want their paycheck. And that's why he's already having issues.

Urban Meyer should've never went to the NFL. That's a fact. He can't control the program. He can't recruit 5-star players at every position. And he can't run the quarterback on every single 3rd and 2. This was a bad idea. College and professional football is honestly so different that they're almost different sports.

Urban needs to either fake a stroke, or just coach one more week and potentially have real one, and then resign to become the next Head Coach at USC and start recruiting. Will the public make fun of him? Yeah, some will. But those same people will when he starts this season off 0-13. I'd rather retire from the NFL at 0-1 than 3-31.