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Stay Hot Louisville - Football Stadium Is A Disaster For The Home Opener, Fans Are Convinced The School Hired A UK Person To Sabotage It All

Only Louisville man. Home opener this past weekend after looking like complete dog shit against Ole Miss and guess what? Moldy seats, long lines and yet another press conference from Vince Tyra. Nobody does more press conferences than Vince Tyra. Can't say I'm surprised though. It's Louisville. The campus is a dump. But because it's Louisville there's of course drama involved. 

After all this happened, people on Twitter tracked down the 'Assistant Director of Fan Experience.' I promise you that's a real job and a real person. Guess what? The guy went to Kentucky. 

Oh this just warms my heart. Only Louisville. I promise you this is the only place that this would happen. They just can't stay out of their own way. Sure, people work for a school they didn't go to college at. Typically though people will advise them to make sure Twitter/social media is scrubbed. But also the fact that fans are legit screaming about him sabotaging credit card machines, seats and everything else is just ... it's just perfect. 

Good thing is uhhh, well, at least people aren't talking about how bad the program is now! That's a plus. Some are saying he's saving Louisville football by directing people on Twitter to complain about him and not the fact Louisville is a 7.5-point dog at home to UCF this week. At least for a day people are forgetting that Scott Satterfield is an awful hire and the program is basically irrelevant at this point. That's not sabotage, that's help! Never change, Louisville.