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Vladimir Guerrero Jr's 45th Homer Of The Year Was Hit So Low That The Third Baseman Had A Chance To Catch It

No team in baseball is hotter than the Blue Jays, they absolutely demolished the Orioles this weekend and Vladdy Jr kept that hot streak going last night. He took the lead in HRs from Shohei Ohtani with his 45th homer of the year, this one was different though. 

114 fucking MPH and it got out in 3.3 seconds. Insane. And it couldn't have been more than 6 feet off the ground. It was a frozen rope the entire way down the left field line and I was 100% sure the third baseman was going to jump up and snag it. Just look at the diagram! 356 feet, an actual wall scraper. He's coming for the Triple Crown too. Has the 45 homers to lead the bigs, is 2 RBIs behind Salvador Perez in that category, and his .318 average is the top one in the AL. He's lined up for the Triple Crown and still may not win the MVP because of Ohtani, but holy shit is this an insane season by Vladdy Jr. Oh yeah, he's only 22. 22 years old and he already has a higher single season HR total than his Hall of Fame father did. Still can't believe how hard and low this ball was hit, gotta keep your head on a swivel down that line. This Jays team is not a squad you want to face in October.