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Looking At Andy Dalton's Passing Chart From The Rams Game Will Make You Want To Rip Your Eyes Out

I won't lie, I kinda, sorta, maybe...liked what Andy Dalton brought to the table against the Rams. Felt like the ball was coming out on time. We saw a professional QB able to get through his reads and deliver mostly accurate passes. When combined with Monty running the ball the offense was actually a breath of fresh air compared to what we've seen the last few years. Andy Dalton spreading it around, big boys making lanes for Monty, Monty getting in those lanes and looking like a bowling ball combined with a mongoose, and things didn't look as bad as we thought. 

Then I saw this chart and was a like "oh yeah...the Bears never threatened the Rams defense even once with the passing game". It was sobering and I was already down. Good question here from the reporter

Andy did do a good job of getting the Bears into 3rd and manageable. I will give him that. There's taking what the defense gives you and then there's begging for first downs and points like you're Tiny Tim. Please sir, can I have another? As Ramsay and Donald just bully you and end the game when they feel like it. The Bears need more. Imagine the lanes for Monty if the DE/OLB with contain had to hold his ground for a half second because he had to respect the Fields' running threat? Imagine a scenario where the Bears made an explosive play because Fields extended it and hit Robinson or Mooney on a deep ball after a scramble drill? Sounds pretty sick to me. Let Dalton have his revenge game against the Bengals, I guess, and then let's get on with it because the Bears will need to at least attempt a passing play longer than 15 yards without it being picked off. I don't think that is too much to ask.