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The Steelers Defense Did Something Yesterday I Never Thought I'd See Again

Very impressive stat and really sums up the day for the Steelers secondary and the Bills offense, but that's not even what this blog is about. This blog is about the, thankfully, so few amount of times I screamed "WHY THE FUCK IS JOE SCHOBERT LINED UP ON STEFON DIGGS / COLE BEASLEY". 

It's been the Steelers defense biggest flaw for seemingly forever. Spread 'em out and you'll at least one of your best receivers and biggest mismatches lined up on our worst pass defender. Brady and the Pats did it forever with Gronk and Hernandez. In 2018 for reasons humans will never be able to explain, Keenan Allen came to town and found himself putting fucking Jon Bostic in a spin cycle all night. Last year it was Jarvis Landry on Robert Spillane. 

Time and time and time again Keith Butler just hasn't been able to figure it out. Great pass rush, now great secondary players, but always always a linebacker in coverage on an absolute route running assassin. But yesterday in Buffalo...yesterday it didn't. I don't believe I yelled that one time. It was constantly Joe Haden moving inside, Cam Sutton inside or outside, the linebacker making his way to the running back near the sideline. It felt incredible. What a relief off our shoulders watching this Steelers defense, with all their assets and players, not get mismatched all night and not make adjustments. They had the gameplan. They made the Bills play to them. It was fucking beautiful. And something that if they can continue to do throughout this out AFC offenses.