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Jake Paul Says He Wants To Fight Jorge Masvidal Next

Jake Paul just called out the UFC BMF Jorge Masvidal on The MMA Hour, and straight up said he'd like to face him NEXT - not in some distant future - when talking to Ariel Helwani about his boxing career.

Masvidal is a kinda crazy step-up in competition for Jake if you're askin me, after seeing Jake get rocked badly and display some pretty poor footwork/conditioning against Tyron Woodley (somebody who hadn't won a single ROUND in the three years prior to that bout), but hell - I'd watch Jorge Masvidal kick his ass if Dana lets it happen (which is HIGHLY doubtful)! 

It seems like Masvidal wants in, too....

The PPV buys for Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley were reportedly VASTLY under projections (which probably explains why Jake says they will NOT be running it back), so I'm not sure how long Showtime is gonna continue putting these kinda fights on, but Paul vs Masvidal is certainly one I'd be interested in.

Who doesn't wanna see Paul get sent to the Shadow Realm by Masvidal, ya know? Even Trump wants to see it!

I assume Dana will put the kibosh on it immediately, though, as he doesn't really allow stuff like this to happen unless the names McGregor and Mayweather are involved.

If that's the case, I still think Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul is the fight to make. Jake seems fairly open to it as well, despite saying it may be a lose-lose for him matchup wise….

….because apparently the narrative that he only fights old/retired fighters (an objectively true narrative) now bothers him and he wants to get in there with somebody active next time. Whatever.