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Navy Fired Its OC Immediately After Losing 23-3 to Air Force on Saturday, Then Un-Fired Him Today

Well this is a new one. Following a 23-3 loss to Air Force — which came a week after a 49-7 loss to Marshall — Navy announced it had fired offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper immediately following the game. Jasper had been on the coaching staff at the Naval Academy since 2002, under both Paul Johnson and Ken Niumatalolo.

But his firing lasted all of about 36 hours, as he was un-fired on Monday and brought back to the staff to coach quarterbacks, though Niumatalolo will assume play calling duties.

Apparently, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk fired Jasper either against the wishes of Niumatalolo or without his knowledge entirely, which I'm not sure I've ever heard of. And Navy is certainly a place you wouldn't imagine something like that happening.

I just want to know how fired Jasper actually was. Did he get taken off the payroll and have to turn in his key card and then go through all that red tape again on Monday morning? Or did he just kinda get yelled at for Navy's offense being terrible by the AD and then get a call back from Niumatalolo on Sunday night telling him to come into the office on Monday?

Regardless, Jasper gets to keep at least some version of his job for now. Hopefully Navy's offense figures something out this season.