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VIDEO: Compilation Of Hippos Fighting With Lions, Wild Dogs, Crocodiles, Sharks and Other Bad Momma Jammas

I was perusing the interwebs this morning looking for something to blog. All of my favorite sites to find news stories to blog about were inundated with a bunch of Trump vs. Biden, Afghanistan, Covid and MGK stories. BORING. Give me real life shit. Carnal shit. Shit that makes me think to myself, "this is the REAL world, people" and that's when I stumbled upon this video of hippos going psychotic while defending their turf.

These motherfuckers are insanely scary. INSANELY scary. Look at the mouth on these fucking lunatics:

Giphy Images.

No fucking thank you. Add the T-Rex teeth to that and I can safely say I wouldn't do anything to fuck with a hippo. But a lot of that has to do with me being a big pussy. Lions and shit? Yeah they'll step up to the plate. Doesn't mean they're taking a hippo deep, but they'll get in the batters box nonetheless. That's what we have above. Not only that but these fucking things can swim like 100mph too:

No, it's not the BEST nature video of all time. That crown still belongs to the Battle at Kruger, which unironically sounds like like some insane house vs. houser battle in Game of Thrones:

But it's still good. Good enough to kill off a little over 3 minutes in your cube or wherever you work. If there is a must watch nature video today let me know, Sox have an off day and I have nothing but time on my hands tonight