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Conor McGregor Says Nothing Happened Between Him And "Little Vanilla Boy Rapper" MGK, Only Rumors

After clearly trying to fight Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet at the VMAs last night....

....Conor McGregor is denying anything went down between him and the "little vanilla boy rapper" at all; those are only rumors according to him. Our eyes must have deceived us!

MGK, on the other hand, refused to comment on the altercation at all....

….so hopefully this one is left in the past already and we could just add it to the list of absurd things to happen on a VMAs red carpet.

I do think it's interesting that McGregor said he had no idea who MGK was (aside from him dating Megan Fox), because the rumors were that Conor asked Machine Gun Kelly for a picture, he was denied, and a scuffle broke out. That means either Conor is lying and trying to save face after getting denied a pic, ORRR he was ACTUALLY asking for a picture with Megan Fox and got denied, and THAT was the real root of the issue. Who knows!

I'd say "Thank god Conor's leg is okay!" but thanks to that titanium plate installed into that shinbone, I bet it's stronger than ever. That cane he was rockin was probably just for the outfit.

Kinda rough look for me as a huge McGregor guy but I'm going to see the little vanilla boy rapper in Central Park tonight and I can't wait.

P.S. Shoutout Megan Fox.