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Olivia And Sophia Culpo Couldn't Keep Their Pants On And It's All Thanks To The Jets vs Panthers

When you sit back and think about the best rivalries or games in the NFL, Panthers/Jets week 1 wouldn't cross your mind. But oh no, you get Robby Anderson and Sam Darnold vs their old teams. You get the start of Zach Wilson. You also get Olivia vs Sophia Culpo. 

In this corner - Olivia. She's dating Christian McCaffrey, you may have heard of him. 

And in this corner we have Sophia Culpo, dating Braxton Berrios. 

Hard to blame them for wanting to keep their pants on. You think Brady vs Manning. You think Giants vs Eagles. You think Bears vs Packers. Now you can toss in Olivia vs Sophia and Panthers vs Jets. Impossible not to. I need to know more about the hangouts with the Culpo sisters and the NFL boyfriends. Ideally I like to think there's shit talking but it has nothing to do with football. I hope Braxton Berrios just talks massive shit about being a better board game player than CMac.