Some Maniac Decided To Hop On A Dirt Bike And Do A Bunch Of Backflips Off A Ramp Being Flown Across The Sky By A Helicopter

Okay so I have a couple of quick questions here. The first being how boring must ordinary life be for somebody to get them to a point where they need to do something like this just for the adrenaline rush? And where can it possibly go from here? 

The second, and most important, question I have here is what in the actual frick ended up happening with that bike? My man just let go of that thing and Razor thought we would simply forget about it? I don't know what the wildlife situation is like out there but some animal was definitely just having a regular ol' day until the last thing they ever saw was a mini dirt bike coming crashing through the sky. Lights out, see ya later. 

Also leads me to believe he didn't actually land this trick. Sure, he landed on his feet and I suppose anything other than death should be considered a success here. But if you're going to pull the trick on the bike, then I feel like you need to land on the bike as well. Maybe we can save that for Chef Donny's next episode of Die Trying. Bunch of sick bastards out there.