FIFA 22 Rigged Their Top 22 Ratings Once Again By Having Messi Rated Higher Than Ronaldo

FIFA just dropped their player ratings for FIFA 22 and Messi took home the top dawg as a 93 overall.

Let me start by saying this, I am EASILY the most unbiased soccer fan on planet Earth.

I have stayed true to my teams since I can remember, so I would never let bias slip into my mind. Let's get right into the thick of it, the fact that Ronaldo isn't at least a 94 is ludicrous. In reality, he should be closer to a 99, but FIFA isn't ready for that conversation.

Ronaldo looked in-form during Saturday's match against Newcastle where he scored the first two goals for Man United and it was an electric return to Old Trafford for the Portuguese superstar.

So back to the ratings, FIFA 22 released these ratings a few hours ago and it looks pretty much like what you'd expect from FIFA. I'm not the only one calling out the Ronaldo bias btw

But FIFA usually has an act for making ratings….interesting.

It's no surprised that the passionate soccer (futbol) community reacts in this manner. It's extremely hard to accurately judge so many world class players, but we can all agree it needs to be tightened.

How the FIFA community reacted in meme expression:

What would you give EA on their ratings system?