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Introducing College Football's Newest Conference: The Big Muda

Another rough, rough weekend for the Texas and Tennessee faithful. Same can be said for easily the last 10 years about them and Nebraska, too. The questions of "Is Texas back? Is Tennessee back?" have gone from an actual discussion to the butt of a continuous joke every college football season. 

We've gone full circle to the point where we've fully accepted they aren't fully back, probably never will be, and if they do then it's not even "back" to their old successful ways, it's more of just a restart. Especially for Tennessee and Nebraska. At least Texas won 15 years ago then was in the title game again in January 2010. At least, I guess.

We're going on full generations of kids growing up, becoming college football fans, going to college, graduating college who have no idea why people still talk about Nebraska and Tennessee kinda. So with all this conference realignment I'm shipping them off. They're gone. Conference of their own. I'm tired of hearing about them. Lock all three of them up with each other so they can all blow hot air to each other about themselves while we're all saved from hearing about them.  


Introducing the Bermuda Triangle Conference:

Inaugural Members - Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas,

They can alternate playing each other while the team who has a bye gets an entire week with their fanbase to talk about when will it get back to the Tom Osborne days, or who their next Tee Martin is, or whether Texas will dominate in-state recruiting. 

Probably Should Be In - USC, Miami, Florida State

It's wild whatever the hell is going on with these guys. I mean, how can these three schools not get a head coaching hire right? How can these three schools not just walk into wherever and say "hey our campus is in the shadows of the Hollywood sign and you'll live in LA with movie stars and who knows maybe even Addison Rae will come to practice" and not just get the best players still. It's fascinating. USC's historic run in the early 2000's leaves the door open just a crack for me but after Saturday night's loss to Stanford it's barely open. Miami still living off The U 30 for 30, and Florida State...My god. They should honestly probably be in the inaugural member bunch. They're one loss away. 

On The Cusp - Michigan

The Jim Harbaugh hire has kept them at least in the conversation of a gameday segment or two for the last five years. Other than that, they're in. Now that convo has become about whether Harbaugh will be able to hold onto the job rather being even Big Ten title contenders. Just an annual suckhole of nothingness heading to the Outback Bowl at best in Ann Arbor. Big Muda here we come. 

(This blog will continue to be updated throughout the season)