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The First Trailer For The Hawkeye Series Has Serious Home Alone 2 Vibes

Series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye, centering on the adventures of Young Avenger, Kate M. Bishop, who took on the role after the original Avenger, Clint Barton.

The series has Jeremy Renner returning as Hawkeye, and Haliee Steinfeld joining as Kate Bishop(the third version of Hawkeye in the comics). Vera Farmiga (the Conjuring), Zahn McClarnon (Fargo), Brian d'Arcy James (Spotlight). Another big name that is on this cast is Florence Pugh, who is reprising her role as Black Widow's sister Yelena Belova. She will be hunting down Barton in this series as she thinks he is responsible for her death. Jonathan Igla, who was a producer/writer for shows like Mad Men and Bridgerton, is the showrunner. 

There are three big notes that I had after watching this trailer:

- Apparently this is very Christmas themed? When I think Christmas and action, the first thing that comes to mind is Die Hard. The fact that this was a little goofier of a trailer than I expected made me think of Home Alone 2. Both of which are movies that I hold in high regard! I like combining that vibe with the father-daughter relationship that Barton and Bishop are set to have in this movie. 2 people vs the world, trying to fight their way out of traps in NYC. 


- Not including Yelena in the trailer was a bit of a miss in my opinion. Both her and Red Guardian were fan favorites coming out of Black Widow, despite whatever you might think of the whole movie, and seeing a quick glimpse of her woulda been smart to feed us pigs some slop. They're probably reserving that for the second trailer, but what does that do for my need for instant gratification? 

- I would very much like tickets to Rogers: The Musical 

The series premiers November 24th and is 6 total episodes