I'm Incredibly Jealous That Bengals Fans Get To Watch Joe Burrow Use His Gigantic Balls And Call His Own Game-Winning Play

I can't help but be jealous. Never thought I'd say that about the goddamn Bengals, but here we are. They have Joe Burrow. Joe Burrow is an all-time cool quarterback and is now out here changing plays to go win the game. Instead I get to watch Danny Jones well, I yell at Clem about Danny Jones all the time. It's not the same, we'll just say that. 

4th and inches seem like a no-brain run. But that's why I love this play. You should pass here. Go win a game. What happens otherwise? Oh the Vikings get the ball with 40 seconds to go around midfield. Big deal. Playing for a tie does nothing for you there. Go win the game and that's what Joe Burrow did. And then the play call? CJ Uzmoah was so open that Burrow was nervous he'd miss him. (via PFT)

“They did a great job of covering the first two and we actually threw it to C.J. in practice this week for the first time in two years. I’m glad that we got that rep because I don’t know if he would’ve been ready for it if we didn’t.”

Uzomah was so open that Burrow was mildly concerned he’d miss the throw.

“That was going through my mind,” Burrow said.

First game back after injury and nearly blowing a game to this. I want to experience that again one time. I miss the days where I had faith in my quarterback (Eli) to go down and win the game. I was spoiled for the longest time of Eli pulling shit out in the 4th quarter. 

PS: This tweet from the Bengals, knowing their fans losing their mind about kickers and drafting is A+ 

PPS: There's no game in the world that deserves a tie more than Bengals/Vikings.