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This Florida State Football Player Proposing While Jacksonville State Celebrates On The Field Is Hands Down The Worst Wedding Proposal Ever

Oh yeah, I'm sure this is what every girl dreams of. The moment you get to see the guy you're dating on a knee with a ring in hand. What's that in the background? Oh just one of the most embarrassing losses in school history and your new fiancee about to get screamed at for a week straight. Memories! I'll never, ever understand getting engaged in college. I know life is different in the south but just wait a year or two guys. Figure it out when you're like 24 and working in insurance sales. 

But see I put the blame on the guy here. You need to learn to adjust on the fly when it comes to proposing. Sure you think Jacksonville State is the easiest game on the schedule and you can get engaged at beautiful Doak Campbell Stadium. Slight problem. 


Let me be more clear here. I'm not anti-marriage or even anti-wedding. Weddings can be fun despite finding out how many random ass people are in your life for one night, dealing with power ranking your friends from table seats to groomsmen. But you get to hear some good music, dance, drink at an open bar and find out some people in your life are not cheap. Maybe this FSU player was just trying to get ahead and remind her to keep expectations low. That's the key to any relationship. 

But you have to adjust. Think you're going to have this picture framed everywhere in your first house. Gotta love the memories of losing to Jacksonville State 24/7. I'm sure that will go over well. Good luck.