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It Took One Damn Game Before Giants Players And Coaches Had to Talk About Why Us Fans Are Pissed At This Franchise

Sterling Shepard was about the only Giant to show up yesterday. I'll throw Logan Ryan in there too for the fumble recovery. But yet again, every Giant was bad. It's getting to the point where frustration is turning into being pissed off and even apathy. Fans are leaving early, we're all just annoying with the same old shit. A back breaking turnover that didn't need to happen. Just slide and take the 8 yards, Danny. Or learn how to hold onto the ball. Drafting Saquon Barkley 2nd overall continues to be a franchise altering decision for the wrong way. Then again, every first round draft pick is looking that way. But please don't ever draft a running back that high again. There's completely no need. He doesn't win you games. I tried being positive yesterday. I really did. I even put out the Parlay Plus on Barstool Sportsbook. I want it to work out, but the fact is it's likely not. 

This is the last year in my eye for this franchise to prove itself with this group. Dave Gettleman needs to go. Shit he should have never been here, should have been gone a long time ago. Fuck outta here with this hog molly bullshit only to draft the wrong offensive linemen. At least Shep is admitting that this franchise is losing, I've even been in denial about it. One week in and players and coaches are talking about fans. 

It's simple. Stop handing the ball off on first down every fucking possession. Stop making dumb mistakes. Get rid of Jason Garrett clapping. Get back to winning damn games. One week and we already had to have this talk. Awesome.