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The Once Mighty Bears Defense Has Become Sad To Watch

The title of the blog really says it all.

I know 14 points is nothing, but that really wasn't a game where people can sit there and blame Dalton and Nagy's gameplan. It was one where you just watched a defense get absolutely pummeled by the big play. I'm no expert so I don't know who exactly is to blame for the first two touchdowns in our secondary without giving it a second watch, but that shit was absolutely disgusting. The front 7 weren't overly impressive either.

Just really fucking mind boggling that Pace did nothing to help retool this defense that was obviously declining. And the fact that we have a shit ton of money just wasting away in our QB room. So brutal and frustrating to think about all the flaws this team has and when the team is not even close to being built for the offense to carry the load.

Gonna be a long year.

16 more I guess...