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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week: Week 1

First Football Guy of The week Season 1, let's get it.

Jack Coan QB, Notre Dame

First off we have Jack Coan popping his finger out of place, running to the sideline, and popping it back into place. He then gets right back into the game and throws a touchdown. Lacrosse twitter would like to point out that Jack Coan was originally committed to ND for lacrosse and that this isn't Football Guy toughness but lacrosse guy toughness which I strongly disagree with because fingers usually don’t pop out of place in lacrosse because the gloves are pretty rigid and keep them in place. Popping your finger back into place is honestly one of the sickest flexes because of how functional you can be right after. Throwing a touchdown through that pain is awesome.

Shawn Elliot HC, Georgia State 

Even though they lost to UNC, Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliot got rowdy with the boys pregame. Ripping off one of your player's helmets to hype them up and mosh pitting with them on the sideline is always appropriate when you are a huge underdog trying to lead your team to upset victory. Coaches open themselves up to contact goes to show they are just as physically ready as their players to get it going. Those videos can get anyone juiced up.

Robert Saleh HC, New York Jets

Always a football guy move to do a little cardio to get your mind right before a game especially for a coach who you can tell is dying to play. Saleh may have not gotten a win today but his defense was impressive. 

Will Hall HC, University of Southern Mississippi

This is a man under a lot of pressure. Pressure makes diamonds and this guy is a gem. This one was heavily submitted and I don’t know if a football guy would ever not be excited about football but this guy is ready to die if he loses the game so I guess that's a football guy.