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Giants Week 1 Postgame Recap And Laps: Everyone That Works For The Giants Needs To Run A Lap

New season, same old fat asshole blogger running around his house because his team couldn't score any points. Apologies for bringing out my dad voice a couple of times in that video but insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Phat Albert Einstein said that, so you know it's true (Yeah I brought back Phat, deal with it). I've had a full calendar year of being edged by the Giants and Mets, w

The only people more gassed than me after that 2 minutes of hell is the Giants defense that was on the field for roughly 95% of the game. Bend but don't break defense works as long as you don't break by allowing touchdowns in the red zone or green zone or whatever the fuck color we call it these days. Unfortunately the Giants did break and allowed back breaking touchdowns as well as 3rd down conversions all day to Teddy Two Gloves.


Whatever. Being 0-1 is nothing new for Giants fans. I am just going to go back to the playbook which is avoiding NFL highlights for the next 48 hours, convince myself that the Broncos may be a good team with a rock solid defense, and know that If can get a win in Washington in four days, all will be forgiven.

Fuck me.