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Bears At Rams - The NFC North Stinks And Now Runs Through Chicago - Live Blog

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I gotta be completely honest - waking up today I thought this blog was going to have a completely different tone than it's about to take and that's solely because of how bad the rest of the NFC North looked.  Now with the said I must say that I don't really think that the Bears are going to be any good, but there's just a weird comfort in knowing that everybody might be stinky with us.

Plus who the hell knows what's going to happen tonight, right? Everybody is so in on the Rams (the public is always scary) that it's even giving me a little pause and I've been as negative as anybody about this team all offseason.

Maybe the duct tape will hold this o-line? Maybe Andy will be decent? Maybe the defense will be vicious like it was in 2018?

Maybe it's dumb as hell to corroborate the rest of the division looking like butt to rationalize hope in the Bears?

Probably the latter, but might as well try to be positive in what could be the last opportunity to be.

Bear Down.