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Max Scherzer, The Best Pitcher Of His Era, Racked Up His 3,000th Career Strikeout

I know we were all up to our ears in football yesterday but while that was going on Max Scherzer joined a very prestigious list of players. Scherzer recorded his 3,000th career strikeout, something only 18 other players have ever done. Had to give him a shoutout for it because he's the best pitcher of our generation and isn't really showing signs of slowing down? You'd think at this age he would be taking a step back, that isn't the case. His 2.28 ERA going into the game would be the lowest ERA of his career. He's insane. The ERA was 2.76 for a bad Nats team before he got traded and since he's gotten to LA it's now at 1.05. Doesn't seem possible but Mad Max is still doing the damn thing. He also became the second quickest to 3,000 Ks, just behind Randy Johnson. 404 appearances for 3,000 Ks doesn't even sound like it's possible but of course Scherzer did it. And just for good measure, he threw an immaculate inning earlier in the game. Nice way to keep the pitch count down and get those Ks. 

He also took a perfect game into the 8th before giving up his 1 and only hit of the game. I was BEGGING for a perfect game from him, would have been an unbelievable performance. Honest question, are we going to see 4,000 Ks out of him? Is 1,000 more out of the question? He's 37, NEVER had a major injury, has made at least 27 starts every season of his career except as a rookie and 2020. Can he have some Brady like longevity? Why not? I'd love to see him keep going until they have to drag his corpse off the mound. Here's to another 1K for Mad Max.