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Zach Wilson Did What He Could

Nell Redmond. Shutterstock Images.

Looking back on Zach Wilson's stat line from today I am actually surprised how good it looks. The one interception early in the game was tough, but Zach continued to battle through it and ended up with a decent showing. Watching the game after the Jets were down 16-0 everyone was ready to write them off as done and that they just suck. In my opinion, the Jets looked way better than I expected and the defense only gave up 19 points which is impressive considering the offense struggled. That is way more than you can ask for. 

He put up those stats while taking serious hits all day.

No wonder he threw a pick like this in the face of huge pressure.

He was at points making guys look stupid missing which he then did again and ended up throwing a tuddy.

I mean a ton of these scrambles and throws are extremely Mahomesque, This is a huge promise for things to come.

 Also, his other touchdown was a dime. 

Here are the rest of his plays from the day, he had a ton of amazing highlights. Part of me thinks they beat the Patriots next week. Saleh has an amazing defense and if the Offensive line can improve and the run game opens up, the Jets are dangerous.

His first half was tough but he does gradually improve.

I kinda feel like the Jets just ran out of the game, if they tied it up they could have pulled it out in overtime. Also, the Panthers look pretty good.