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Hold Off On The Obituaries Because The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Not Dead

Wow. What a win. What a damn win. 

Honestly don't even know how it happened yet still but those can be the best ones when you're a big dog on the road in an environment like Buffalo. The defense played their absolute ASSESS OFF from the jump. Literally 60 minutes of hair-on-fire effort and domination upfront. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers went into Buffalo and brought the physicality all day long. Outscored them 23-3 in the second half. Just unreal. Hats off to Coach Tomlin, to even Danny Smith who I was harsh on on Twitter today, to Big Ben and the offense for making adjustments enough at half to come to life in the second 30. Just an all-around hell of a win to start the year. 

I mean 6.5 point dogs to a top 4 best odds to be in the Super Bowl at their place in front of a full house for the first time in two years and the resilience you show after a 75 yard kickoff to open the game then being down 10 at half was really something. Shows what kind of leadership and culture this franchise has from Coach T to Cam Heyward to Big Ben and down. 

16 more weeks to go, but please don't mind if I enjoy this one after the obituaries had been written about this team, Big Ben, and Coach T all offseason long. And yeah in November and December old achy Big Ben could very well fall off and fall apart but today just goes to show that you can stuff all those shitty predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a sack. Still here. Here We Go.