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A Bad Loss Of A Very Winnable Game


I've watched this on loop and it gets worse every time. No idea what JDR is thinking playing these soft zones all game on 3rd down vs Justin Herbert who picked it apart every single time. They went 13/19 on 3rd downs and the above was just one of the 3rd and longs where Washington got no pressure on Herbert whatsoever. It was the story all game, why couldn't they disrupt him at all? 

And that 3rd and 16 came on the heels of "Riverboat" Ron punting from the 40 while losing the game. He actually took a 5 yard penalty to give Tress Way some space, and the Surrender Index still called it a 98% cowardly punt.



You can't call yourself "Riverboat" and make that decision while losing in enemy territory, especially with how precise Herbert had been all game. 

All in all, the WFT lost a very winnable game. VERY winnable. Jack and Ron and co better figure it out because the Giants come to town in only 4 days, and we know how bad they are historically in prime time games. Sucks to start off the season 0-1. Big sucks. Hate it. But there's a long way to go. In Heinicke we trust? 

At least we'll always have that McLaurin catch.