Jets First Half Thoughts

Jacob Kupferman. Shutterstock Images.

Should have known it was going to be a tough battle when the panthers posted this video that looked like a really, really bad acid trip.


To sum it up, Zach Wilson is under a lot of pressure. The Panthers are getting to him and he's making mistakes.

The Jets were having serious short-yardage issues and the offense has been unable to convert.

There haven't been many bright spots for the Jets but considering how badly the offense is struggling right now, the defense has made a lot of stops. Wilson also made decent throws. 

Check out this 4th and 1 stop.

I mean all things considered, if the offense was able to stay on the field longer they wouldn't have given up the big plays that Darnold capitalized on. 


This was one of the best throws Wilson made. 

Saleh will really be put to the test with his halftime adjustments. I still think Wilson has a laser arm and will get it together if the Jets can protect him we may have a game. Wilson will hopefully bounce back from the pick and get it together.