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It's The Kyler Murray Show



If there is one team that everyone can agree is just fun as hell to watch, it's the Cardinals. I unapologetically will find myself rooting for them because everyone on the team is just young, fast, and exciting. And it starts with Kyler. He's Mike Vick with accuracy. I love watching him play, just as a fan of football, he is must-watch, appointment viewing. 

And the rest of the team is stacked too. They already had DHop, but imagine if Rondale Moore pans out? If AJ Green has a resurgence? It'd be the most ridiculous offense ever. And then obviously the defense of Chandler Jones who has 3 sacks ALREADY, Budda Baker, Isaiah Simmons who is a freaking athletic beast, and a guy named JJ Watt too. 

It's 24-6 Cards as I write this with the Titans looking like a JV team. I love that the NFL is back. What a day it's been and it's only 2:30.