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Bill Clinton Wishing Obama A Happy Birthday On Twitter Was Perfect

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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, folks. What does Bill Clinton know best? What does Bill Clinton love the most? Fucking chicks that arent his wife, thats what. And so naturally when its someone else’s birthday and he has to wish them the best, thats what he wishes for. Some sex outside of marriage. When Michelle ain’t looking I hope you sneak some cake! Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake! Put your name on it!

You just can’t even pen a better tweet than this if you’re Slick Willie. I can literally just hear him saying Happy Birthday with that southern drawl while winking, and giving him that patented Bill Clinton thumbs up point. “Hbd Barry Bo. Just to be clear, I’m not literally talking about eating some birthday cake while your calorie obsessed wife isnt looking. I’m saying make sure when your wife isnt looking you fuck some strange pussy. You’ve only got a little time left to get your sick sucked in the Oval Office.”