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It May Or May Not Be Raining Poop Water On The Fans In Washington


God bless FedEx Field. I love that you can set your watch to this team no matter what. Every year we'll have a QB break his leg, a Dan Snyder lawsuit, and FedEx Field being the absolute worst place on Earth. As much as I love this WFT team this year, it'd take a LOT to get me to go see a game in that dump. It's impossible to get there, it's ridiculously overpriced, and you might get shit water dumped on you from the upper deck. Sure it's all part of the Dan Snyder/FedEx Field experience, but I'm all set watching from my couch. 

Which by the way, if anyone knows the absolute best way to watch the games online without delay, let me know please. Is it DirecTV? I cannot figure out the best way and it's driving me crazy. I just want to pay to watch out of market games and they make it so hard.