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The Bears Have Sets Ready To Go For Justin Fields If Andy Dalton Struggles Per Ian Rapoport

What a glorious little ball tickle from Rapsheet this morning

"This is Andy Dalton's team. He is the starter....

Giphy Images.

That right there is JUST enough to get me gassed up for the game tonight. Truthfully, I had been sort of dreading tonight because, well, it doesn't look good for the Bears and Dalton and it's national TV and everyone will be in our mentions all night long when things go south...BUT as Big Cat said on Redline this past Thursday...none of that matters. 

Play Justin Fields. Give the people what we want. Give us real hope. Even if it's just for a couple series. I need it. I want it. 

We will be streaming from the new office tonight so tune in to watch the misery and/or hope.