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The Panthers Announced Two Of Their Starting Linebackers Changed Numbers An Hour Before Kickoff Vs. The Jets Today

You....you can just do that? I knew that the new jersey number rule was going to cause chaos but I thought that was going to be for idiot fans like myself who was wondering why a dude in single digits was playing defense. But I didn't realize you could announce the change an hour before the game while the fans are filing into their seats.

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I would love to have heard the pregame speech to Zach Wilson as the Jets coaches found out about this while everyone was warming up. "Hey Zach, you know numbers 54 and 56 that you have been watching on film for weeks? Yeah, they changed to 4 and 7 like a minute ago". That's not a hard thing to remember for us fans at home watching the game but I imagine it's a little tougher for the guy that has human superfreaks are trying to sack him at lightning speed. Which is why I'll chalk up this pick as a Welcome To The New NFL Moment for Zach Wilson, even if he never technically played in the Old NFL.

It’s sad to see a franchise that employs royalty like Sir Purr pull this kind of tomfoolery. However these are the type of shenanigan Matt Rhule does, who once tried to milk a massive contract out of the Giants sight unseen after getting his HUGE offer from the Panthers. The lesson as always is to never trust a guy that wears a smock and spits on himself.