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This Military Father Son Reunion Video From Mount Carmel's Game This Weekend Was Beautiful

I can never get enough of these. 

I can't even imagine the flood of emotions I would experience if I was related to one of these people. 

The kid, the dad. The mom? Extended family?

I don't even know these people but it's fucking waterworks over here.

Giphy Images.

I can't fathom the sacrifice our military families make so routinely. Having to go months, sometimes years without seeing your kids grow up. Speaking to them infrequently, at best. They, and their families, truly don't get enough credit.

Seeing the reaction on this hoss Richard Stringfellow (only a sophomore btw- you can see why Mt. Carmel is a powerhouse) is one of pure, unadulterated, joy. 

He legitimately jumped out of his shoes when the PA said his dad was there. 

(This kid must destroy box jumps. Look at those hops)

Just a great moment. Thanks to the kind stoolie who sent this to me (I've been searching my dm's for 15 minutes but can't find to credit, I'm sorry)

p.s.- I went to my first White Sox game in five years last week with White Sox Dave, and south side legends Mike Cannon and Morgan McMeel and man what an experience. I forgot just how perfect their hot dogs are. (Best in any stadium in sports). They do this awesome light sequence where they cut the lights on home runs while they blast the fireworks which adds a great touch. And the food and beer lines aren't hour waits. 

But the best part was when they did their Military Appreciation moment in the middle of the 4th inning. 

We were sitting a section over and legitimately had no idea this kids dad was going to appear. It seemed like they were just honoring his family while rattling off all his accomplishments. All of a sudden the dad pops out and the family lost it. Which made everybody in the place lose it. Just awesome stuff.