Good Morning. It's Finally Week 1.


Good morning, world. I guess this is part of being an adult now, you just wake up at 7:30 no matter what. I actually don't hate it, and I'm pretty good at getting back to sleep (thank GAWD, because I know a lot of people say when they wake up, that's it, they're up!), but this morning is different. The sun is hitting my window with a glow I haven't seen for months. My brain is doing jumping jacks. I'm highly considering brewing a fresh pot of coffee and mainlining it into my veins. I'm fired up. It's week 1. We made it. We got a tease of it on Thursday with that wonderful game, we had a fun day of college yesterday, but today is what I look forward to. The real enchilada. When the boys in burgundy put on the pads for real, and start another season of Washington football. Chills.

This year feels different. The team is as good as I can remember. We've improved over last seasons NFC East championship squad. And there's Fitzmagic in the air. A top defense…and a dynamic offense to boot? I'm punching the air and doing roundhouse kicks just thinking about it. It's 7:36 and I'm ready for the game to start. 1pm, let's go baby.