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FSU Cheerleaders' Immediate Reaction To Their Loss To Jacksonville State Is Art In Its Purest Form

Yeah that's the money shot. The jaw on the floor from the dude on the right like he just saw a ghost while the girl tries her best to not burst out laughing as she holds a "louder" sign. Chef's kiss. My god that's too perfect. That my friends is art. Those are the only faces you can make after you witness your college football team suffer their first ever loss to an FCS school. A school your university paid $400,000 to play as a tune up for the remainder of the season. These are the moments we kill for on a college football Saturday as we sink into our couches for 15 hours. Well unless you're an FSU fan in which case you probably need to be talked off the ledge at the moment. Sorry Duggs. 

I still don't understand it. All the DBs had to do was tackle the guy. There wasn't a trick lateral or anything crazy. The dude ran straight, made one juke, and found pay dirt beating two guys who probably were some of the best high school players in their state at one point. 

And if that ending wasn't bad enough...

Now here we thought Texas was the biggest loser of the day. I look forward to FSU's next coaching search while they pay another guy tens of millions of dollars to not coach for them. Tale as old as time. 

P.S. McKenzie Milton getting his first real loss coming back from injury to end like that is just dirty (he barely played last week so I'm not counting that)