FSU (-27.5) Just Lost To Jacksonville State...The Same Jacksonville State Who Lost 31-0 To UAB (Who Lost 56-7 to UGA Today)


Holy mackerel. After FSU scored 18 unanswered in the 4th quarter last week vs Notre Dame to force OT, things looked on the up and up. Mackenzie Milton looked poised and ready to be the man in Tallahassee. And then tonight...AT HOME, they laid an absolute egg of epic proportions against one Jacksonville State, losing in devastating fashion at the horn to a team who had no right to win this game. No offense, of course, but FSU was the 27.5 point favorites and JSU lost last week 31-0 to UAB. That's right. The same UAB who got the doors blown off by UGA today. Incredible, right? Maybe the college game is just that much closer than we realized...or maybe things at FSU are just that bad. Up to you to decide. Regardless, congrats to our JSU Gamecocks and pray for Deion Sanders who may never hear the end of it from Dave and Dan.