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The Orioles Were 3 Outs Away From A No-Hitter* And Ended Up Losing To The Jays 11-2. How Is That Even Possible?

Here is how It started.....


And here is how it ended. The Orioles were 3 outs away from a. JV no-no tonight with Keegan Akin on the mound. The 7th inning was starting and I was about to open up a draft and start the no-hitter blog. Before I could even hit the button Vladdy Jr smoked a ball for a base hit. No-hitter* over but the O's had a 1-0 lead still. That lead was gone in a matter of seconds and within like 10 fucking minutes it was 11-1 Blue Jays. I've never seen a team go from up 1-0 and 3 outs from a win to down 11-1 and on their third pitcher of the inning. The first game was a kick in the dick with the Jays hitting a go ahead bomb in the 7th to win 11-10, this loss was just cruel and unusual. Orioles scored 1 in the 7th to ONLY lose 11-2 after being 3 outs from a no-hitter*

I mean what the hell? How is that even possible? You can taste the fake no-no, you at least have a win within the grasp. And then a team hits 7 balls over 100 MPH and put up almost a dozen runs. I've watched a lot of bad Orioles games, a lot. The two I watched today may have taken the cake. 

Fuck the 7th inning of these doubleheaders, they're the worst. The absolute worst. What a god awful day of baseball for this team. Orioles baseball baby, feel the magic.