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Certified Football Guy Jack Coan Gets A Dislocated Finger Popped Back In And Promptly Saves Notre Dame's Season

Absolute DOG SHIT game for the Irish at home against a MAC school, but this moment is how legends are made. Nothing going right for Coan other than the first drive. The kid was sacked roughly a zillion times. Maybe two zillion to be honest. In the end, it didn't matter. Dislocated finger...quick, pop that shit back in so ND can win the game. Unreal. Warrior performance. I am on the record. I LOVE Jack Coan. Loved the finger. Loved the last drive. Loved the way he cheered on Tyler Buchner. A kid who dreamed of playing at ND won't be quickly forgotten no matter how the rest of his season plays out. 

There's a TON to fix and the schedule starts getting real soon so ND better get it together, but a win is a win is a win.