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Former MLB Pitcher Mike Montgomery Lost His Damn Mind And Threw A Rosin Bag At An Ump In The KBO

KBO! KBO! KBO!!! Most of us remember the KBO as the early morning sports oasis we had at the beginning of the pandemic when the rest of the world was shut down that ended with my beloved NC Dinos raising a motherfucking championship sword.

However a year later we are all back together with our MLB teams and forgot the KBO existed until Mike Montgomery went crazy after an ump was on his ass for the 12 second pitch rule. Now based on what I know about the ethical standards of the KBO, I imagine we will never see Mike Montgomery pitch there again as he becomes the answer to the trivia question "Who was the pitcher on the mound when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series and oh yeah was banned from playing baseball in Korea for throwing a rosin bag at an umpire". 

However if KBO commissioner Chung Ji-taik is reading this, which I'm sure he is since he is a known longtime Stoolie, I humbly ask that they steer into this skid caused by a wild American and embrace being the bad boy baseball league. Again, nobody in the Western hemisphere has thought about the KBO since my NC Dinos ran through it like a hot championship sword through butter because the baseball just isn't as good as what we have here. However if you have videos like this pouring in, people are inevitably going to tune in to see what crazy shit may happen next kinda like when ECW was competing with the big boys in the WWF and WCW. The Orioles gave the KBO the blueprint for what to do since I think they are close to being regulated there, now Mr. Ji-taik just has to follow it

P.S. Throwing a rosin bag at an umpire is such a Samsung Lions scumbag move. A classy organization like the NC Dinos would never have to worry about a player pulling such a bush league stunt. Luckily all the Lions can attract from the states are soft throwing lefties with soft reliever names like Mike Montgomery (Please don't throw a rosin bag if you read this, Mike).