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Trae Young Officially Owns MSG After Becoming a Literal Wrestling Heel


I love this guy more than words can possibly express.

Trae Young hates New York so much that he got on a plane and flew 1,000 miles each way just to remind everyone in Madison Square Garden that he owns that building. Vince McMahon saw a man after his own heart and Trae jumped at the opportunity to go back to his favorite arena and play the villain again. I love all of it.

Trae Young should be brought out at every event at MSG now. Dan + Shay are there next week, have them call him out right before they sing Tequila and just piss everyone off. I want all New Yorkers' events ruined by Trae.

Unfortunately, Young was kicked out after a sneak attack on Rey Mysterio. So I don't want to hear another word about how the refs favor him and he gets a bunch of calls.

If Trae wants a second career after he wins a handful of NBA titles with the Hawks, he'd make a fantastic heel in the ring. He just has that quality that gets people to hate him and I love it.

Barring any more unforeseen appearances, Young will be back in Madison Square Garden on Christmas Day. Can't wait.