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Curtis Samuel, Who Has Not Been Healthy For A Single Day In Months, Is Officially Placed on the IR


Pretty disappointing situation for Curtis Samuel. He simply has not been healthy for a single day since signing with the WFT. He was expected to play a huge role in the offense, perfectly complimenting Terry McLaurin and really opening up the field. The biggest weakness on the offense last season was WR depth and the Curtis Samuel signing was a very important one.

But for some reason, the groin has not healed. We know groin injuries linger, but this is odd. It didn't heal all summer. He didn't get surgery. Ron Rivera actually poo-pooed the mere mention of surgery. But here we are, 2 days from the opener, and he's made no progress. It sucks. I honestly just feel bad for him. Something is a miss. And the quote "to be able to focus on getting healthy" is a strange one. Like, what has he been focused on the last 4 months if not that? It's strange.


But it's ok. I'm looking for rookie Dyami Brown out of UNC to step up in a big way. I know it's a long shot, but the kid is dynamic and at least has downfield speed that will allow for the Terry/Gibson/Logan Thomas 3 headed monster to shine. And if Samuel can get full healthy by like, week 8, then I will consider it a win. I know that is sorta dumb, but having him for the 2nd half of the year seems like the best case scenario right now.

I'm not going to compare him to Paul Richardson or anything like that. Curtis Samuel is better and more important to the offense than that. Hopefully this fucking groin thing clears up and he's able to contribute into the playoffs. Yes, I'm saying playoffs, I don't care.


PS: Yes, I hate how good Dak and the Cowboys offense looked last night. Thank god their kicker stinks and Mike McCarthy is a ding dong brains.