This Is The Best Simpsons Tattoo Ever

Holy shit, what a masterpiece. I've seen my share of Simpsons-related tats over the years. Some terrific, many awful. But I've never seen one quite like this. Sure, you can nitpick if you're so inclined (like the late error). But just the actual quote choice, the tat design, the size (guessing that's a leg), THE FUCKING AUDACITY to have that done. Outstanding.

Then you add in the Abe Simpson voiceover and folks, that's why we keep going back to that godforsaken bird app. For the occasional golden nugget like this.

Imagine explaining what you wanted to the tattoo artist. 

"Do you watch 'The Simpsons'?"


"Um, ok. Well, there's this rambling old man character on the show. I need the strikebreaker version of him with the following quote banner underneath it..."

Tat guy was seeing dollar signs like Richie Rich the longer he talked. I have no idea what a tattoo goes for these days---I got mine in 1989 (shamrock on right shoulder) and 1993 (Stones tongue on left thigh). But the combo of the size and degree of difficulty with the winding ribbon probably ran at least a nickel. Also wonder how many hours it took.

It's good that the OG Simpsons are still giving us laughs 25 years later.

Back in my mid-20s when the show was peaking, I came thisfuckingclose to getting Krusty the Klown perma-inked somewhere on my body (likely right thigh). As a fellow shady clown, I was a big fan of Herschel Krustofsky and what he brought to the Simpsons table (he was the conduit for the writers to brutally and accurately skewer show biz). I thought better at the last minute and pussied out. Given the way the series has watered itself down over the last 15-20 years, I'm kinda glad I didn't get it.

Here's the actual scene...