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The Two Most Important Words Ever Uttered In The English Language—Go Birds

Are we in the trust tree here? Am I allowed to be perfectly honest real quick? Okay here it goes...

That video didn't do it for me. The overall tone and demeanor? Just a little too silly and jovial for my liking. To me it makes it abundantly clear that this organization doesn't have much faith in actually being competitive this year, and wants everybody to focus on just having fun this season instead. Which probably makes sense. New coaching staff, new starting quarterback, plenty of unproven talent so far. But still, I need at least a little juice heading into week 1. Luckily there are some fans out there squeezing enough juice to quench the thirst of the whole city. 

El. Eff. Gee. 

I'm not asking for much. I'm not asking for a Super Bowl or even a playoff win. Just give me a team to believe in this year. That seems more than reasonable. Give me reason to believe that Jalen Hurts is the franchise quarterback. Give me reason to believe that Nick Sirianni is a player's coach but also has a little cold blooded assassin to him as well. And give me reason to believe that next season's hype video won't have to include terrible acting from Zach Ertz. 

Go Birds.