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Memphis Had To Put Out A Statement Basically Begging Its Fans To Not Freak Out After Being Left Out Of The Big 12


I've blogged about it before, but now it's official. Memphis is the biggest loser in college sports after the Big 12 officially snagged Cincinnati, UCF, Houston and BYU. The American can't land anyone big enough to make up for that and keep the conference where it was. They just can't. There aren't enough schools out there available and none are leaving the major 5 conferences. You're not grabbing a Big East team for basketball. You're talking about having to get a C-USA team or Sun Belt team. 

That said, this statement is fucking hilarious. The President of Memphis had to put out a statement basically begging its fans to not lose their mind. A little late for that. Just scroll on Twitter and see the majority of their fan base rightfully pissed off. I still think the Big 12 should have took Memphis over UCF, but it's really nitpicking when you get to that. Houston was a no-brainer. Cincinnati was a no-brainer. The debate became Memphis, UCF and BYU. You could only take 2 of the 3 for now. 

I'll say this though for the Big 12, even without Memphis this is a damn good college basketball conference. You keep Kansas obviously. You add in Houston coming off a Final Four. You add BYU who is always decent. You bring in UCF who can compete. Cincinnati is always a decent program. Sure, you lose Texas and Oklahoma, but the Big 12 basketball wise is going to be just fine. The second biggest loser behind Memphis? Gonzaga. Right now they lose a top-3 team in their league which people make fun of them enough for. They have to grab someone decent to add to the WCC for basketball reasons. 

Sidenote, I can't stop laughing at this video BYU put out. 

Very Rob Lowe-esque hat there. Can't wait to see WVU fans invade BYU for a football game.