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Russian Hockey Player Blocks 3 Shots On The Same Shift, Is Either A Magnet Or The Biggest Team Guy On The Planet

Andrei Proskurnin, a certified sick bastard. 

He blocked that first shot and it seemed innocuous enough. It looked like the shot caught him right on the side of the knee where the shin guard doesn't cover, but at least the shot wasn't coming in extra heavy. More or less just a little wrister thrown on net to hope for a good bounce. 

So then when my guy goes to block the 2nd shot, it's almost like he needs to get hit with the puck again just to snap himself back into it. You take a shot off the top of the skate and all of a sudden you don't even feel that shot you took off the side of the knee anymore. Only issue is that 2nd shot turned out to be a major clap bomb and that obviously hurt like a bitch. 

Two blocks within 10-15 seconds. A little unlucky but you figure that has to be the end of it. Clear the puck out of the zone, hobble your way off to the bench, get a little hit of the Russian gas and get back out there a few minutes later. 

***EXTREMELY BILLY MAYS VOICE*** But wait! There's more! 

What a maniac. 

This team in yellow is clearly sick of his shit. He just blocked 2 shots in a row, so now they figure the only way to get a shot on net is to put one through his body. 74 in yellow winds up like he's in a fastest shot contest and unloads with reckless abandon. Think our guy Andrei Proskurnin gives a damn? Not a single one. Drops down to a knee to soak his 3rd shot of the shift. Putting the body on the line for the boys. Ultimate team guy right there. Hope he had a nice thicc envelope stuffed with some unmarked bills waiting for him in his locker after the game.