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John Daly Threw Out The First Pitch In St. Louis The Only Way He Knows - Long And Hard, Man

I expect nothing else out of John Daly here. The man is known for hitting it long and hard. He had to launch that puppy into outer space and then just throw it to a fan. That's John Daly life. (h/t Golf)

“We’re going to throw it as far as we can, brother,” he said, walking out to the mound.

You can only assume when John Daly tells you that, he's going to do everything in his power to make it to the upper deck. Feel like that wasn't impossible with him wearing a 91 jersey showing love to winning the PGA Championship that year. Still one of the most ridiculous stories in golf. Daly was the ninth alternate! The only reason he ended up in the event was the fact a bunch of guys had to drop out for various reasons. Even then he didn't get added until Thursday morning when Nick Price dropped out. That said, he immediately took advantage. He was just two back after the first round before taking the lead in the second round. He led after the 2nd, 3rd and obviously the final round, shooting -12. 

How about the balls on the catcher here though? He started moving up when Daly said he's going to throw it as far as possible. Have some respect for John, man. He clearly has a cannon still at his age. 

Now hit the damn music.