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Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Will Be About J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Father Of The Atomic Bomb

Christopher Nolan is my filmmaking idol. Kids in the 80s had Steven Spielberg. I had Christopher Nolan, and while I am not in love with every one of his movies, I acknowledge that he is a rare breed of filmmaker. The man makes films that belong in theatres. I think he's one of the only directors left that push cinema forward with his creativity. Also, he made The Dark Knight, so I am inclined to love him forever, considering it's my favorite film.

Nolan's first film about World War II, "Dunkirk," was the only film that got him an Academy Award nomination for Best Director. That nomination was a long time coming for him. It's fair to say he probably should've gotten a nomination (maybe even a win) for "The Dark Knight" and "Inception," to name a few. While it seems like his newest film may not necessarily be about World War II, it will likely be set in the backdrop of World War II, as it tells a story about Robert Oppenheimer, the man who created the atomic bomb. I'm sure Christopher Nolan will keep the details of this project under wraps as he always does. Still, based on the little knowledge that we know from Variety's article, I feel like this will be an opportunity for Nolan to tell a much more human story. I feel like Christopher Nolan is at his best when his characters are at their strongest. I enjoyed "Tenet" for what it was, but I felt like it lacked the strong characterization that some of his best films have had. I'll never claim to be an expert on Robert Oppenheimer, but I know that he's a man with a highly complex legacy who felt a strong level of guilt about what he created. I hope that Christopher Nolan finds a way to tap into that humanity. In Nolan we trust.