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There Is NOTHING Cooler Than Catching A Foul Ball In Your Fanny Pack

AND THAT IS WHY YOU BRING A FANNY PACK TO A GAME! Look at my man here, dressed like he's going on a fishing trip directly after the game so of course he brings his fanny pack. It's not the most popular accessory anymore, but I bet this guy is happy he brought his. Foul headed right towards him and it goes right in-between his hands. Normally that would have been a ball right to the dick, but the fanny pack saved the day. The foul ball dropped right in the fanny pack, right in the bread basket! And it's not just any fanny pack, it's like a double XL fanny. Maybe they'll make a comeback at baseball games, I could see Zack Hample wearing one to keep all his balls in, but this guy made the play of the day with his fanny. Coolest guy in the stands by far.